A home mover top tips list for first time buyers
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Focus on the large items first; sofa, dining table, bed, window dressings. These pieces will be what you keep the longest so tend to be more expensive. And don’t forget to measure your rooms to check what space you have. 

In each room decide what you want the focal point to be. Whether it’s a feature wall, a piece of furniture, artwork or statement lighting, it’ll help you work out how much to spend on what.

Don’t impulse shop - just because an item is in the sale doesn’t mean it’s right for your room – often it’ll be too big or too small and you’ll wish you made a more calculated choice.

Use a rug in the living room to connect all your furniture. This will make the furniture look more intentionally placed and put together. They also add warmth and texture. 


Decorate or choose the furniture for the room you’re likely to spend most of your time in or that guests will see first.

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If you opt for curtains over blinds, no matter the size of the window, choose full length curtains. This will draw the eye up and will give the illusion of more space as the material connects to the floor. If you want shorter curtains, then choose roman blinds instead.


Upcycle existing furniture you own or pick up unwanted pieces on online auction rooms or at antique fairs. Think about reupholstering or adding a lick of paint to an old piece. Not only is it cheaper but it’s a great way to sustainably shop too.


Make sure you give yourself a good desk/study area if you need it. Many of us will be continuing to work from home a lot more so you need plenty of space to stay motivated and focused, and to keep any work-related things.

Stick to neutral colours for your big pieces of furniture and use colour or pattern on the walls or in accessories as these items are easily changeable.


Don’t be scared of mixing old with new to give your home a lived-in feel and help build character. 


Experiment with negative space. You don’t need to fill your entire home immediately.

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