Decorating on a Budget

Top tips for first time buyers to save money

1) Avoid the latest trends as they will soon look dated and you’ll have to replace what you’ve already bought.


2) Find your own interior style by creating a Pinterest board, pinning lots of images and then selecting the top five. Compare them and then ask yourself why they’re your favourite. Is it the colour, texture, shape or finish? And are they items you’ve liked for a long time or trend pieces?


3) Invest in the furniture that matters i.e. the sofa.


4) Sleep on it before you buy! In a consumer-focused world, it’s easy to fall down the ‘buy now’ hole so think about every purchase carefully.

If you’re looking to furnish your first home, furniture packs are a great option. They’re tailored for you and your home and can offer you a selection of great furniture pieces from sofas to bedside lamps to get you settled as quickly as possible. It also means all your furniture will arrive at the same time so no long waits for deliveries, and it’ll all be styled by an interior designer too! Prices start from £3,799. 

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