Mortgage Application

What do you need to provide when applying for a mortgage?

Mortgage-lending rules mean that it isn’t just your salary multiples and your deposit that matters. It’s about how much you earn but also what you spend, and an idea of the costs you might have in the future even if things change.

Mortgage lenders will want to know about your outgoings, which includes credit repayments but also utility bills and other fixed regular costs like childcare, school fees and season tickets.

You’ll also need to show them certain documentation, which can vary but is usually:

  • Details of your solicitors, estate agents and the seller
  • A P60 form from your most recent employer
  • Your last three months of pay slips from work
  • If you’re self-employed, two to three years’ accounting from a professional accountant plus tax form SA302
  • Current passport or driving licence (in order to prove your identity)
  • Current account bank statements going back between three and six months
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